Steamed Momos

Makes: About 25 momos  

For Momo Wrappers:
Flour2 cups
Saltto taste
Waterlittle less than 1 cupas needed
For Filling:
Carrot200g (2-3 medium)shredded
Cabbage200g (approx 1/2 head)shredded
Saltto taste
Vinegarto taste
Onion1/2 largeminced
Chili powderto taste

  1. Knead the dough into a smooth ball (use only as much water as needed), cover with wet paper towel and keep aside for an hour
  2. Make the filling by mixing all the ingredients together and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  3. Roll out some of the dough onto a flat surface and cut out 4" circles with a cookie cutter
  4. Squeeze excess water from the filling and spoon 1 tbsp into each momo wrapper
  5. Fold the edges together to make a bag-like momo; pinch off excess dough at the top
  6. Bring water to a boil in a steamer and place momos inside for 10 minutes or until cooked through
  7. Serve with Red chili chutney

Add water little by little while kneading the dough until you get the right consistency. Dough should be soft and not stick to your fingers. You can make crescent shaped momos by folding the wrappers in half and sealing the edges with a fork. 


Ananya said…
I love momos :)
Shilpa J said…
Then you should try out the recipe. It's very easy to make and much healthier than street food, since you control how much salt and oil goes into the dish.
Apart from that, I have no option but to make them myself since I don't get good momos in Detroit! Most of my cooking abilities is because of living in the US with no (immediate) access to good Indian street food.
Shaivi said…
I love gorging on momos but never tried to prepare them...ur recipe looks easy. Now i will try at home!
Shilpa J said…
Let me know how it turns out! I was forced to learn how to make these since I cannot get them in Detroit :D It's not very difficult and the actual work requires just 30 minutes, apart from waiting for the filling and dough to rest. And if you steam it (instead of frying), it's a very healthy snack as well!
Alok Vats said…
One of the dish for which my wife will never say a No is Momo. Apart from Idli Sambhar, this is the item which always comes handy to me to make her happy whenever we had some issues :)
Shilpa J said…
For my husband it's chocolate or ice cream ;-) He makes sure we always have some on hand so he can offer me some when I get upset!