Chocolate Mousse

Serves: 8 ramekins 
Dark chocolate100 gm
White chocolate100 gm
Heavy cream500 mldivided
  • Heat 200ml cream until simmer (leave remaining cream in the fridge)
  • Cut chocolate bars into small pieces and put into 2 small bowls
  • Pour half hot cream in each bowl and let the chocolate melt
  • Allow both to cool well
  • Meantime whip cold cream until soft peaks form
  • Refrigerate whipped cream if both chocolate bowls are still hot
  • Divide whipped cream equally into 2 glass bowls, keep remaining in the fridge
  • Add white chocolate mixture to the whipped cream in small batches and whip until firm peaks form
  • Do the same with the dark chocolate 
  • Spoon dark chocolate into ramekins/glasses and then layer white chocolate on top
  • Sprinkle shaved chocolate on top and refrigerate for few hours at least before serving cold
The key is to keep the whipped cream cold. In summer it means putting it in the fridge if there's a break at any time. In winter, it may not need this.