Beans Carrot Pulusu

Serves: 5-6  
Calories: 176/serving

Beans1 cupchopped
Carrots1 cupchopped
Onion3/4 largechopped
Red Gram Dal - Kandipappu1/2 cupcook for 3 whistles
Indian seasoning
Tamarind paste3-4 tbsp
Brown sugarto taste
Cilantrofor garnish
Saltto taste
For Paste:
Frozen Coconut 3/4 cup
Red chilis4 spicy3 color
Curry leavesfew
Corainder seeds1 tbsp
  1. Add the paste & seasoning to cooked dal and vegetables
  2. Add tamarind paste, salt and brown sugar
  3. Cook on low heat till done and add cilantro


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