Beans Cut Charu

Serves: 5-6      
Beans1 lbchopped & steamed
Toor dal1/3 cupsoak for 30+ minutes
Onion3/4 largechopped
Garlic3 clovessliced
Saltto taste
Wateras needed
Tamarind juiceto taste
Jaggeryto taste
For paste:
Frozen coconut1 cup
Red chilis7-8
Onion1/4 large
Garlic4 cloves
Curry leavesfew
Cumin1 tspgrind to paste

  • Cook dal in an open container with enough water. Keep an eye on dal and remove it from heat when it's 80% done. Save the water.
  • For Beans Thalimpu:
    • Fry onions and garlic with seasoning for a few minutes
    • Add beans,dal, half of the paste, salt and cook till done
  • For Charu:
    • Fry remaining paste with seasoning, leftover water from dal and tamarind pasta
    • Bring to boil and turn off heat