Kandipappu Pachadi

Serves: 4 
Calories: 170/serving
Red Gram Dal - Kandipappu1 cup
Onion1 mediumchopped
Curry leavesfewchopped
Indian seasoningfenugreek seeds
Water3 cups
Tamarind pasteto taste
Brown sugarto taste
Saltto taste
Red chilis3-4 mediumbroken
Garlic4 clovessliced

  1. Fry red chilis, garlic, onions and curry leaves with seasoning till transparent
  2. Add fenugreek seeds and unwashed dal, toast for few minutes
  3. Add salt and water; cook for 3 whistles
  4. Add water (if needed), tamarind, sugar and bring to boil
  5. Adjust to taste and garnish with cilantro

This dish should have strong sweet and tangy flavors from the sugar and tamarind. Though it's not a sweet dish, the spices should not dominate. Best served with plain rice and ghee.