Serves: 4
Dangmyun8 ozsweet potato noodles
Shiitake mushrooms1 pkg
Onion1 largesliced
Carrot1 largematchsticks
Red pepper1 largesliced
Spinachsmall bunchchopped roughly
Green onion1 bunchchopped roughly
Garlic4 medium clovesminced
Soy sauce4 tbsp
Saltto taste
Red chili flakesto taste
Sugar1 tsp
Pepperto taste
Sesame seeds1 tsproasted
  • Cook sweet potato noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes. Cut with scissors.
  • Blanch spinach, rinse in cold water and keep aside
  • Fry garlic, red chili flakes and mushrooms in little oil, sugar and soy sauce
  • Add onion, carrot and red pepper with little soy sauce on high heat
  • Add noodles and cook on medium heat until well combined
  • Toss with spinach, garnish with green onion, roasted sesame seeds and bean sprouts