Vegetable Pulao

Serves: 2 
Calories: 375/serving
Basmati rice1/2 cup
Onion1 mediumchopped
Peas1/4-1/3 cupdefrosted
Beans1/4-1/3 cupchopped
Carrot1/4-1/3 cupchopped
Cloves1 piece
Cinnamon1 small piece
Bay leaf1-2 small
Cilantrofew stalkschopped
Water1 cup
Saltto taste
Oil to fry
Ghee1-2 tsp

  1. Fry whole spices in oil until fragrant
  2. Add onion and fry until transparent
  3. Add the vegetables and cook until half done
  4. Add rice, salt and water
  5. Cook on medium flame with lid until water is level with rice
  6. Reduce flame to low and continue cooking until rice is done (about 5-10 minutes)
  7. Add ghee and mix well, serve with any curry