Thai Green Curry Vegetables

Serves: 4 

Calories: 310/serving
Coconut milk1 13oz can
Vegetable stock1/2 cup
Soy sauce4 tsp
Brown sugar2 tsp
Sambal olek2-3 tbsp
Sweet potato1 mediumdiced
Zuchini1 mediumdiced
Eggplant2 mediumdiced
Onion1 largechopped
Thai green curry6 tbsp
Green beans1 cupchopped
Bamboo shoots1 cup
Red pepper1 largediced
Wateras needed

  1. Spoon 6 tbsp of coconut milk into the saucepan and heat on medium till it bubbles
  2. Add thai green curry paste and mix well until fragrant
  3. Add the vegetables with little salt for 2-3 minutes
  4. Add the rest of the coconut milk, bring to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered until the vegetables are tender
  5. Add soy sauce, sugar and the vegetable stock and cook until completely cooked.