Thai Curry Soup

Serves: 4 
Fire roasted tomatoes(1) 28 oz can
Zucchini4 small-mediumspiraled to noodles
Onion1 largesliced
Broth2 cups
Thai red curry paste1 tbsp
Cumin1/4 tsp
Basil/parsleyfew leaveschopped
Red pepper flakesto taste
Coconut milk(1) 14 oz can
Saltto taste
Wateras needed
  • Fry onion, red pepper flakes and cumin in little oil
  • Add tomatoes, broth, salt and red curry paste
  • Bring to boil, then reduce flame and simmer for 10 minutes
  • Add coconut milk and simmer for 5 minutes, turn off heat
  • Blend the soup into a creamy consistency
  • Adjust seasoning and serve over zucchini noodles, garnished with basil/parsley and coconut cream