Lo Mein

Serves: 4  
Calories: 450/serving
Wheat noodles4 bricks/roundscooked
Red pepper1 largejulienne
Orange pepper1 largejulienne
Yellow pepper1 largejulienne
Onion1 largechopped
Green onion1 bunchchopped
Ginger2-3 tbspminced
Mushrooms1 lbsliced
Carrot1-2 mediumjulienne
Oil2 tbsp
For sauce:
Honey1/4 cup
Soy sauce1/3 cup
Tomato paste2 tbsp
Rice wine vinegar1/4 cup
Broth1 cup
Corn starch4 tspmix well
Pepperto taste
Saltif needed

  1. Stir fry onion, ginger and peppers in cast iron skillet
  2. Add sauce and cook until it thickens
  3. Mix noodles in with scallions, adjust salt and pepper to taste
  4. Garnish with fresh thai or regular basil