Vegan Pho

Serves: 4 
Calories: 150/serving

For Mushrooms:
Oyster mushrooms200 g2 boxes
Soy sauce2 tbsp
Vinegar2 tbsp
Maple syrup1 tbsp
Smoked paprika1 tsp
For Pho:
Pho base6 tsp
Water8 cups
Rice noodles10 - 12 oz
Onion1 largejulienne
Ginger1 inch pieceminced
Carrot1 largechopped
Bean sproutsbunch
Green onionbunchchopped

  1. Mix all sauce ingredients with 1 tbsp water and marinate chopped mushrooms for atleast 10 - 15 minutes
  2. Bring water to boil and add pho soup powder, stir well
  3. Add onion, ginger, carrots and noodles and stir until cooked
  4. Meanwhile saute mushrooms in little oil until almost burnt
  5. Pour remaining sauce in pan and toss until all liquid disappears
  6. Ladle pho into bowls and top with mushrooms, bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro