Serves: 6
Red onion1 largechopped
Garlic2 clovesminced
Chili flakesto tastesub red chili
Carrot2 mediumgrated
Red pepper2 largechopped
Zuchini1 largechopped
Tomato paste 2 tbsp
Rice 2 cupsshort grain brown
Smoked paprika1 tsp
Cayenne pepper1/2 tsp
Stock3 tsp
Water5 cups
Saltto taste
Turmeric1/2 tsp
Red wine vinegar2 tbsp
Cherry tomato1 boxsliced
Pepper1/2 tsp
Soy sauce2 tbsp

  1. Fry garlic, onion and chili flakes in a tbsp of oil
  2. Add carrots, peppers, tomato paste, and zuchini
  3. Cook well for 5 minutes
  4. Add chopped tomato, turmeric, pepper, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper
  5. Toss everything together, add vinegar and soy sauce
  6. Finally add rice and mix well for 5-6 minutes
  7. Add stock and water, bring to boil
  8. Reduce heat to low and cook with lid for 40 minutes until rice is cooked completely
  9. Garnish with cashews, olives and parsley or cilantro