Coconut Rice Noodles

Serves: 2 
Rice vermicelli5 ozcooked
Coconut milk13.5 oz can
Red/Green pepper1 largethin julienne
Red onion1 largethin julienne
Garlic4 clovesshredded
Ginger1 inchshredded
Turmeric1 tsp
Black pepper1 tsp
Soy sauce1 tbsp
Maple syrup1.5 tsp
Saltto taste
Red chili flakesto taste
Water1/4 cup
  • Fry onion, peppers, red pepper flakes and garlic until transparent
  • Add ginger, turmeric & pepper; cook for a minute
  • Mix coconut milk, water, and maple syrup
  • Cook for 5 minutes
  • Add soy sauce and noodles, season with salt if needed
  • Garnish with red pepper flakes if desired