Kimchi Squash Mac and Cheese

 Serves: 6 

Macaroni1 lb
Buttercup squash1.5 lbspeeled 
Onion1 largechopped
Garlic3 - 4 clovesgrated
Kimchi2 cupsdivided
Stock4 tsp
Cheddar0.5 lb
Green oniongarnishto taste
Peppergarnishto taste
Oil2 tbspfrying

  • Cook pasta al dente in salted water, reserve 2 cups pasta water
  • Fry onion and garlic for 5 minutes in oil until soft
  • Add kimchi and stir liquid evaporates
  • Chop the squash in cubes and add to the pot along with the stock
  • Cook with closed lid until squash is soft
  • Blend with the pasta water (as needed) until creamy
  • Toss with pasta and turn off the heat
  • Add cheese a handful at a time and stir until melted
  • Top with pepper, green onion, and toasted breadcrumbs