Mushroom Ramen

Serves: 4 

Mixed mushrooms20 oz
Oilas needed
Saltto taste
Ramen noodles8 - 9 ozcooked
Kombu1 big piece
Water2 cups
Shitake mushrooms4 - 5dried
Green chili2 - 4thin slices
Garlic6 cloves
Ginger1 inch piece
Green onion1 bunch
Milk2 cups
Tahini1 tbsp
Soy sauce2 tbsp
White miso2 tbsp
Rice vinegar1 tbsp
Pepperto tastegarnish

  • Tear soft mushrooms into thin strips, slice tougher mushrooms with a knife
  • In the meantime, lightly oil 2 cookie sheets and lay the mushrooms so they don't overlap
  • Drizzle oil and salt, roast for 15 minutes at 425 F
  • After 15 minutes, consolidate mushrooms into 1 sheet and roast again for 10 minutes until crispy
  • Bring kombu and water to a simmer for 5 minutes, not a roiling boil
  • Discard kombu and add the dried shiitake mushroom, let mushrooms soak well
  • Fry ginger, garlic, white part of scallions, and green chili if using. When aromatics are brown and fragrant, turn off the heat and deglaze with little water if needed
  • Transfer to a blender along with mushroom dashi, tahini, soy sauce and rice vinegar and grind to smooth paste
  • Pour the broth back into the pan and cook over low heat for another 5 minutes. Add milk, and adjust soy sauce if needed. Broth should be quite salty and savory
  • Divide noodles into bowls, add broth, and top with crispy mushrooms. Garnish with green scallions, chili oil, and top with a baked or sunny side up egg