Triple Tomato Sandwich

Serves: 4 (makes 4 slices) 
Calories: 300/serving
For Dressing
Olive oil4 tbsp
Red wine vinegar1 tbspadjust to taste
Lemon juice1 tbspoptional
Honey1/2 tsp
Sundried Tomato4 tbspfinely chopped
Olives1 tbspfinely chopped
Basil & Mint1 tspfinely chopped
Garlic1/2 tspminced
Sea Salt1/4 tsp
Cherry Tomato1 cupsliced
For Salad Stack
Red peppers2sliced into thick long strips
Lettuce2-3 cupsoptional
Zuchini1cut in half; sliced vertically into 1 inch slices
Tomato basil bread4Panera
Tomato2sliced, optional
Basil & Mint1/4 cupoptional
Saltto taste
Oil1 - 2 tsp

  1. Whisk dressing ingredients and then add sundried and cherry tomatoes; set aside
  2. Toast/Grill the bread, peppers and zuchini. Season with basil, salt and pepper.
  3. Stack in order: lettuce, basil & mint, bread, zuchini, peppers, tomato rounds
  4. Pour dressing on top & serve