Vietnamese Tofu Rolls

Serves: 2 (8 rolls) 
Calories: 530/serving
Rice paper8 medium-large
Red pepper1 mediumjulienne
Carrot2 mediumjulienne
Cucumber1/2 largejulienne
Tofu12 ozcut in cubes
Mint leavesfew stalkschiffonade
Cilantrofew stalkscut in half
For sauce:
Peanut butter3 tbsp
Sriracha sauce3 tspto taste
Soy sauce2-3 tspto taste
Sambal olek2 tspto taste
Brown sugar2 tbsp
Hot wateras needed

  1. Bake tofu at 400 F for 20 minutes and marinate for 10 minutes in the sauce
  2. Fry tofu cubes in a pan on medium heat until the sauce becomes a glaze, keep extra sauce aside for dipping
  3. Place a rice paper in warm water and then spread on a wet chopping board
  4. Fill with the vegetables, herbs and tofu cubes
  5. Start rolling from one end to the other and cut in two
  6. Finish all the rolls one by one and serve with remaining peanut sauce