Vietnamese Tofu Rolls

Serves: 2 (8 rolls) 
Rice paper8 medium-large
Red pepper1 mediumjulienne
Carrot2 mediumjulienne
Cucumber1/2 largejulienne
Crispy tofu12 oz
Mint leavesfew stalkschiffonade
Cilantrofew stalkscut in half
For sauce:
Peanut butter3 tbsp
Sriracha sauce3 tspto taste
Soy sauce2-3 tspto taste
Sambal olek2 tspto taste
Brown sugar2 tbsp
Hot wateras needed
  • Toss tofu on low heat with sauce until until glazed, keep extra sauce aside for dipping
  • Place a rice paper in warm water and then spread on a wet chopping board
  • Fill with the vegetables, herbs and tofu cubes
  • Start rolling from one end to the other and cut in two
  • Finish all the rolls and serve with remaining peanut sauce