Mushroom Tempeh Tacos

Serves: 4  
Onion1 largediced
Garlic4 cloves minced
Mushrooms16 ozsliced
Tempeh shawarma

Chili powder3 - 4 tsp
Cumin powder2 tsp
Pepper1 large any crunchy veggie
Soy sauceto tastejust a dash
Lemon juice1 - 2 tbspto taste
Tomato puree2 tbsp
Fresh salsagarnish

  1. Fry onion and garlic for 5 minutes
  2. Add mushroom, tempeh, chili powder and cumin powder 
  3. AFter cooking for 5 minutes, add chopped pepper, tomato puree, soy sauce with salt
  4. Cook until done, add little water if too dry
  5. Add lemon juice, adjust seasoning to taste and garnish with cilantro
  6. Pairs well with Mango Salsa