Skillet Lasagna

 Serves: 4 

Lasagna noodles1 lb
Spinach10 - 12 ozchopped
Garlic powder1/2 tsp
Marinara sauce1 lb
Ricotta cheese4 oz
Tuscan sauce1/2 cup
Red pepper2 large
Mozzarella1/2 cupshredded
Oilas needed
Saltto taste
Impossible beef12 ozoptional

  • Break lasagna noodles into smaller pieces and cook as per package instructions
  • Cut peppers into large squares, toss with salt and olive oil. Broil until slightly charred. Remove from oven, cover, and allow to cool. The peel skin and chop into small pieces.
  • Mix the ricotta cheese and Tuscan sauce until well combined
  • Toss spinach in oil until just wilted
  • Add the roasted red peppers, marinara sauce, garlic powder, and salt. Toss well.
  • Add noodles, top with shredded mozzarella, turn off the heat, and cover for 5 minutes until cheese melts
  • Transfer to plates and top with a dollop of the Tuscan sauce/ricotta cheese mixture