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Spinach Feta Muffins

Makes: 10 muffins  Calories: 235/muffin IngredientsQtyPrepFlour2.5 cupsBaking powder2 tspSalt1 tspSpinach2 cups packedFeta cheese3/4 cupcrumbledTomatoes3/4 cupchoppedParmesan4 tbspshreddedMilk1.3 cupsButter6.5 tbspEgg1 mediumGreen chilisto tasteminced finely
Method: Finely chop spinach in food processor and mix with flour, salt, baking powder, tomatoes, green chilis and both cheeses until well combinedMelt butter in microwave (don't boil, just melt on low heat) and mix with milk and eggAdd the wet ingredients to dry and combine wellFill muffin liners with dough, sprinkle little reser

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